The REXUS/BEXUS programme allows students from universities and higher education colleges across Europe to carry out scientific and technological experiments on research rockets and balloons. Each year, two rockets and two balloons are launched, carrying up to 20 experiments designed and built by student teams.


Our Experiment called „SLOSH“ will evaluate the behaviour of liquids moving inside a launching Rocket. This phenomenom is called „sloshing“ and brings a lot of challenges to the operation of a spaceship. The moving liquid inside the tanks are a huge problem for the stability, guidance and maneuverability.

To get better performing results in CFD simulation, an experimental tank aboard the REXUS Rocket will be conductet to gain detailed information about the moving liquid.

On the left you can see our first mockup of the experimental section, a fuel tank dummy surrounded by several cameras and lights to analyze the moving liquid inside


REXUS – short for „Rocket Experiments from University Students“ part of the REXUS/BEXUS Programme and consits of two rockets, launched every year in march from ESRANGE, Sweden.

The Rocket is based on an Improved Orion solid rocket motor and is about 6m long. Up to five experiments aboard each rocket will be launched into about 85km altitude where the two minute long zero-g experimental phase starts. The rocket then, will safely land with a parachute to be recovered.

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